Dressing the Wild West: Meet Yellowstone Costume Designer

Yellowstone is a renowned neo-western drama series that has caught the audience’s heart with its distinguished storyline and uncommon western theme outfits we see nowhere else. The talented Johnetta Bonne is the face behind such masterpieces. Hence, for all the Yellowstone Cosplay enthusiasts out there, here’s a treat for you all. Keep exploring to meet with the amazingly talented Yellowstone Costume Designer “Johnetta Boone” and get your all queries related to Yellowstone apparel. So without any further delay, let us dig into the content.

An Ultimate Meeting with the Yellowstone Costume Designer

Here are a few questions we get answered by the immensely talented lady. Please have a look:

1: Let our readers know about your background to help them connect better

Johnetta Boone: Well, I have my roots set up in the North American region, yet I currently live in Washington DC which I call my first home now. You all know me as a fashion and dress designer of Yellowstone but trust me, I have many other projects under my belt that will be unveiled once the right time comes.

2: What inspired you to become a dress designer?

Johnetta Boone: I always had a keen interest in designing cosplay and clothing pieces. As a child, I was immensely in love with all of the outfits I would see my favourite celebrities wearing. It was nothing but my inner voice and instinct that led me to this platform.

3: How much of the research took you to land on the idea of such masterpiece apparel?

Well, it took hours and hours of tireless research to find the correct outfits that would not only beautifully sit upon the bodies of characters but also portray them wisely and completely.

4: You just talked about portraying the characters with their apparel. What do you mean by that? Can you please explain

Johnetta Boone: Yes of course. So, I actually wanted to depict the personality of each character through their apparel. For instance, if you look at Rip’s character, he carries a very rugged and no-nonsense persona. He is a strong decision-maker in himself. And that is what his apparel tells about him. On the other hand, Beth is a lady who undoubtedly is strong, yet she is the exact opposite of her partner. She holds some soft corners towards her loved ones. And that is exactly what her apparel describes. From the iconic Beth Dutton Blue Coat to the stunning cheetah print clothing, she slayed every vibrant to soft colour according to the situation.

5: What is the source of your Yellowstone clothes? Do you consider vintage, new or from somewhere else?

Johnetta Boone: There is an extensive range of speaking and non-speaking characters on the set. The same is why, we prefer sourcing our closet via vintage, new or custom, depending upon the demand of the situation.

6: What keeps you going and motivated?

Johnetta Boone: The passion and dedication for my work and love of all the people who truly admire my work and acknowledge my efforts.

7: Do you admire any character from the series? Who is your current favourite?

Johnetta Boone: The world of Yellowstone is very vast and has its own universe. And each of the actors truly compliments their physical appearance in the show. In addition, as a designer, we rely upon the culture and spirit of cowboys to establish the characters as true ranchers. However, as far as my personal favourite character is concerned, I truly like the work of Taylor Sheridon in assigning all the characters. So, All the characters are my favourite.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, Yellowstone is a beautiful show which got enhanced by the efforts of Johnetta Boone Yellowstone Costume Designer. The content above reveals the efforts she put in that resulted in the overall enhancement of the show.

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