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National Cowboy Day: A Celebration of the Wild West Heritage

National Cowboy Day is celebrated on the 22nd of July every year concerning the role played by cowgirls and cowboys in American culture. It signifies the importance of rodeos and cowboy exhibitions within the US territory. There is an extensive way to celebrate this wild west. Nevertheless, one needs to pay attention to some crucial elements including apparel, decor, and food to obtain the maximum enjoyment for the event. Keep on scrolling and we will dig deep into all the crucial elements to help you enjoy the event better. Let’s begin!

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Before we dig into other things, one needs to know the background to understand the true essence of this event. The origin of cowboys dates back to 1725 in the vaquero traditions of northern Mexico. That being said, cowboy refers to a herder who cattle on ranches and reforms their duties on horseback.

So, how do they come to the United States? Well, it all took place in the 18th century when English-speaking settlers arrived in Texas city. The situation increased the demand. As a result, the need for cattle farming arose, resulting in the flourishing of cowboy culture in America as well. Following are some ways you can consider celebrating the amazing event in the most efficient ways.

Celebrating It Through Sports

There is a very wide variety of sports you can play on national cowboy day. Some of them are mentioned below along with the details.

1. Bull Riding

The first and foremost game name in the list is none other than Bull Riding. It is an adventurous yet interesting sport. In this, you as the rider have to stabilize yourself on the back of the bull for as much time as you can. On the other hand, the bull will try its best to knock you off.

2. Team Roping

It is a pretty simple game in which two rodeos are timed to control a rope while sitting on immobilized horses.

3. Barrel Racing

The main objective of the player while playing barrel racing is to run a pattern that is preset as fast as they can. The electric eye usually measures the time.

4. Saddle Bronc Riding

The game is a competition-based sport. Competitors ride for eight seconds with their one hand reined. Hence, they can not touch the part of the house or control their body actions with their hand.

Wear Some Good Clothes

Another great idea to consider, especially if you are planning to attend a festival, is wearing some nice clothes. Find some well-suited ideas below.

1. The Giant Fringe Suede Leather Jacket

Made out of fine-quality fabric, this jacket is all you could ask for on such occasions. It acquires textured wooden button closure along with hand-cut drum-dyed suede. And those fringes on the shoulders are no less than a plus point.

2. Yellowstone Oak Fringe Leather Jacket

Another greater piece of apparel is this oak jacket that is crafted using high-quality fabric. The color theme is kept interesting and unique with red and pink. Some noteworthy features of the jacket include front zipper closure along with a round collar, fringe sleeves, and a plain base. Wear it with anything you want and you will look stunning for sure.

3. Cowboy Indigo Denim Sherpa Lined Jacket

Are you a denim cloth fan who wants to look like a cowboy without leaving the classics? If yes, then there is no better option for you to go with than the captivating Cowboy Indigo Denim Sherpa Lined Jacket. Made out of pure denim. It features snap-down collars, two pockets at the front, a leather logo label, and sherpa-lined collars. The adjustable snap cuffs enhance the overall functionality.

4. Mercy Biker Leather Jacket

Black is a universal favorite when it comes to apparel. Made out of pure leather it displays some unique zippers. The full-length sleeves zipper closure and large shirt-style collars enhance the overall appeal. The best things about this apparel are those pockets which free you from carrying a separate handbag with you to keep your stuff.

5. Vince Forest Green Wool Jacket

Last but not least we have the stunning Vince Forest Green Wool Jacket on the list. Produced from wool material it features standup collars along with front central closure. A short pocket detailing is displayed on the right-hand side of the chest. Sleeves are kept full to help you get instant attention.

Bottom Line

To conclude, being a cowboy can be a very interesting thing to do. But what’s more interesting is celebrating National Cowboy Day. The content above describes this event in detail. Plus, it is also an ultimate guide to let you experience enjoyment at its utmost. So read carefully.

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