Mens Wool Jacket

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This product has multiple variants. The options may be chosen on the product page

Mens Western Wool Jacket

Jackets for all sorts look great till the time Winter comes around. Wool is an excellent way to keep warm in the harsh winter days. Men's Western Wool Jackets get the job done perfectly in the winter. All men need a warm Western wool jacket. It keeps you toasty on cold, icy days. Workers and ranch hands have used wool clothes for years due to their practicality. The Western Outfitters makes stylish and cozy Western wool jackets for men. We have rough, strong, comfy, and versatile wool jackets. Pick any jacket from our wool collection and you shall stay warm and look cool.

Vince Forest Green Wool Jacket

The Vince Forest Green Wool Jacket is a sleek but stylish wool jacket. Even if you are not someone who rides horses, know that our slim-fit jacket has got your back – literally, from your neck down to your waistline and shoulder to wrist too. The thick wool blend traps heat inside while the viscose lining insulates so you can stay warm even when it is incredibly cold out there.

Scratchout Men's Black Western Parachute Jacket

The Vince Forest Green Wool Jacket may be a practical and stylish option, but it does not suit the taste of everyone. For someone looking for something a bit more modern, the Scratchout Men's Black Western Parachute Jacket serves as the best alternative. Made from a mixture of wool and parachute, this jacket is a dream come true for outdoorsy people. A great shield against all weather conditions on the ranch or on an outdoor adventure, this jacket not only protects, but also provides style and glamor.

Why is Wool So Great for Western Jackets?

Wool is the best fabric for cold weather. People like shepherds and farmers make coats, jackets, and underwear from wool. We still use wool today. Some wool items are a mix of wool and man-made materials, such as parachute. Wool has been around for a long time and has remained an essential item ever since its discovery.

Advantages of Western Wool Jackets

Incredible warmth: Western Wool jackets keep you warm. They feel light. Many heavy jackets feel bulky, but not Western wool jackets. Wool gives you style too. It gives you value for money.

Breathability: Wool lets air flow through. Wool blends also breathe like regular wool, giving you the same comfort. Your Western wool jacket lets body heat escape, keeping you fresh and dry.

Water repellent: Wool is great at pushing sweat away from your body. It can suck up wetness from your skin and dry quickly. Wool blocks water droplets from rain, snow, and sleet. It keeps you dry in all wet weather conditions.

Odor resistance: Wool lets your sweat evaporate easily. This airiness stops odors from sticking around. Even after sweating a lot, Western wool jackets smell fresher for longer.

How To Care for a Wool Jacket

Wool jackets are quite delicate although being heavy-duty outerwear. ‘Delicate’ here means that you should look after the fabric very well, so it remains soft and clean for many more seasons to come. Typically, a wool jacket needs to be taken for dry-cleaning once or twice a year. You should do this before putting it on during the season and after you are done wearing it. This is simply meant to refresh it and uphold the quality of the material. When winter comes and you put on your wool jacket, you can care for it at home in this way:

  • Use a soft bristle brush or clothing brush to brush the dirt off of the surface of the jacket.
  • Employ a lint roller for any excess lint.
  • Between wears, hang them in the closet on hangers to maintain their form.
  • Blot up (do not scrub) wet spills immediately.
  • Put them in garment bags during off seasons.

Try not to get your wool jacket too wet. However, if it does get wet, be sure to let it air dry thoroughly and lay it flat to dry.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes wool jackets a must-have?

Wool jackets provide an amazing amount of warmth. They are also breathable, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant. This makes them perfect for staying comfortable and stylish on cold winter days or damp autumn mornings when you might be out and about a lot.

2. How often should I clean my wool jacket?

Ideally, dry-clean your wool jacket once or twice every year – before and after the winter season. Consult a professional cleaner if the garment gets too dirty.

3. What are some care tips for my wool jacket at home?

Use a gentle suede brush to remove surface dirt, utilize a lint brush for lint removal, hang the jacket to maintain its shape, blot wet spills immediately, store it in a garment bag during off-seasons, and if it becomes very wet, let it air dry flat.

4. Is wool resistant to water and odors?

Regrettably, wool cannot completely wick moisture on its own. It will absorb moisture from both internal sources like perspiration and outside sources such as rain or snow. However, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling damp, which is much more than most other fabrics. This makes it an excellent option for staying dry in the cold.

5. How do men’s wool jackets compare to other jacket materials in terms of warmth?

Wool gives a unique balance of being heavy duty like any other jacket with equivalent warmness, yet lighter and more adaptable.